Cookies policy

Last updated: 08 August, 2018

We’ll only use cookies and other similar technologies for purposes detailed in this policy document.

About the Policy

Along with our “Terms of Services, and Privacy Policy, this cookies policy provides users the information various types of cookies and similar services/technologies, used on our website, and mobile apps. It is reviewed and updated frequently, and every change is notified on our website.

We use cookie for different purposes, whenever they are essential, (to deliver services, optimise and personalize delivery of services, analysing our services and advertisement.

Withdrawing consent from use of cookies

When users access our website/services for the first time, we ask them, they are comfortable with our cookies usage and policy, which enables them to show their consent on using cookies. If users don’t agree with our cookies policy or changes his mind later on a later date, users can withdraw their consent from using cookies.