Customer Charter

1- Commission free

At Aladinscan, we charge no commission from customer and there is no hidden fee and it will always be free until policy shifts.

2- Unbiased search

We won’t reorder our search results.

3- Choice

Search and choose millions of flight, hotel and car hire with competitive advantages

4- Transparent & open

Your data will never lead you to book unwanteds

5- Cookie policy

Normally, we don’t use cookies to bump up prices or manipulate demand, we may use cookies if necessary. Check out our cookies policy for more details.

6- Obsessed with quality

We facilitate quality ratings for airlines and travel agents that enable you to make an informed choice before you book.

7- Safe and secure

Your confidentiality and security of your information is our highest priority.

8- Pay as you see

Our intention is, the price you see should be the price you pay

9- Help

Detailed help is available for all visitors. For further help, do send us your feedbacks, and questions through our contact us page.